Diwali Makeup Necessities ♡

Today is the festival of light celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs all over the world. Being as some members of my family are part Hindu I’ve celebrated Diwali whenever I’m home, it’s a night where families celebrate with fireworks, food and prayers.

A lot of people dress up in their fanciest clothes to look their best which is why I thought I’d share some of the makeup I’ll be wearing this Diwali.

MAC Diwali Light Collection Palette 


I decided to dig this palette out because there’s not a more appropriate time for it! My favourite combination is Amber Lights (Top Right) and Coppering (Middle Left). I’ll use Amber Lights all over the lid and blend Coppering onto the outer corner of my eye. I love this combination and they’re nice bright colours.

Mary Lou Manizer – theBalm


I apologise for the state of this product! Being as it is the festival of light highlighter is necessary, no better highlighter to use than this cult classic. Great for cheek highlight and perfect for the inner corners of your eyes.

Whirl – MAC


Because I’ll be wearing a lot of eye makeup I thought I’d keep it simple with Whirl by MAC. This lipstick suits so many skin tones and is a warm tone to go with the eye makeup i’ll be wearing.

Paradise Mascara – L’Oreal


To compliment my eye makeup I’ll be using layers of Paradise by L’Oreal for full lashes which is a necessity with any heavy-eye makeup look.

Happy Diwali if you are celebrating! If you are, how do you celebrate? If not happy Thursday and almost end of the week to you!



My Little Box October -ASOSxMyLittleBox ♡

After such a long wait last month I was happy to receive this month’s box pretty early in the month! This month’s box was less a box and more a pouch in collaboration with ASOS. I really love the design of the pouch and it will probably come in handy for storage reasons.


The actual contents of the bag included;

Notebook & Quote Book

DSC_0165 copy

The second lifestyle gift aside from the pouch was this speckled notebook. It’s pretty cute and I love the colour scheme. One side of the book has ‘Thoughts” on it and is ruled paper and the other half says ‘Scribbles’ and is blank pages perfect for doodles. I like the idea of this book it would be perfect for journalling, something I don’t do enough of.

The little flip book has quotes and little tasks in it that promise to enhance your creativity. It’s actually pretty cute and I like the designs in it and maybe it may come in handy on days that I feel creatively stale.

Asos Eyeliner 


This cute eyeliner is from ASOS’ new makeup collection of which I love the packaging for. I have swatched this and it’s really dark which I like and the nib is really fine which will be good for precise liner.

NudeByNature Perfecting Primer 


From looking at this packaging I never would’ve guessed that this primer had such natural ingredients in it and is cruelty free. I used this and it’s pretty good and it made my skin feel refreshed after a day of wearing foundation, something that sometimes can cause my skin to be irritated.

My Little Beauty Hand Cream 

DSC_0172 copy

This month’s in-house product was hand cream. There’s not much to say about it, I use hand cream a lot so this will come in handy and is pretty useful for these colder seasons.

PureHeals Ginseng Callus Mask  


I’m looking forward to using this sheet mask. Although it’s primary purpose is apparently for ‘forming & wrinkle improvement’ it looks pretty moisturising and hydrating. It’s always nice to get different sheet masks in the box as they’re usually things i’d never buy.

That’s what was in this month’s box/pouch, I like the speckled theme throughout and I am actually pretty relieved to get a pouch as I have an abundance of boxes piled up, this makes a nice change! I really like the beauty items this month too and I will definitely use them all at some point, something that is quite rare with a box.

Thanks for reading!


Day & Night with AUrate New York ♡

Everyone’s style differs from day to night, from coffee to cocktails there are aspects of your wardrobe everyone changes when making this transition. Which is why when I heard about AUrate New York’s current project highlighting day to night styles and how jewellery can incorporate into that I was excited to hop on board.

AUrate New York are a jewellery company that focus on high quality jewellery with ethically sourced materials at a fair price. Also amazingly with each piece of jewellery brought an economically disadvantaged child receives a book, AUrate is a company focused on giving which is really great.



Shirt // Skirt // Shoes // Bag 

After browsing the website two pieces stood out to me, one being the solid circle earrings and the circle necklace. I love how timeless and simple these pieces are yet so pretty. I loved how the model on the website wore a simple white shirt which is why I chose this in my style board. I’ve also gone for some pretty autumnal colours with the stunning cross body bag (future payday buy) and burgundy skirt. I also love these Truffle Collection boots from ASOS, the brown heel ties in well with the rest of the outfit. I would wear this outfit to a coffee date or just shopping in the city. Of course I would most likely wear this with tights and a coat, it’s already getting a bit cold here in England and will only get colder…



Dress // Shoes // Bag // Lip Pencil 

Using the same jewellery I created this night time look. It was really easy to pick an outfit to go alongside the necklace and earrings because they are so effortless. On the rare occasion that I do go out for cocktails or a date night I will usually wear a bodycon dress which is why I picked this black midi one from Missguided. I love the midi length of it and it will go with practically everything! I love these ASOS cobalt pumps, I think the colour is so pretty and would go perfectly with a bold red lip colour. The bag is another Topshop one that I am lusting over.

I had too much fun putting these style boards together and I have definitely added a few things to my shopping list! I am a big fan of AUrate New York’s ethics and style so if you want to read more about them click here.

I have links to any of the items in this post if anyone was curious! Would your day to night transition be similar or completely different? Thanks for reading!


September Beauty Favourites ♡

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a monthly favourites post but this month I’ve been using a few beauty products that are favourites worthy. Here they are!

Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturiser 

DSC_0156 copy

I ran out of moisturiser in the middle of this month so decided to seek out a new one instead of repeat buying the one I used to use. I decided on this one by Yes To as it sounded good all around and has a decent amount of SPF. I’ve been using it daily and it hasn’t affected my skin negatively and as a moisturiser it does it’s job!

Rouge Rouje Lipstick by My Little Beauty 


I got this with this month’s My Little Box which was red themed. I really like the colour which is why it’s made it into my favourites, I haven’t brought a red lipstick for a long time so this was well needed!

Vo5 Frizz Free Cream

DSC_0153 copy

I’m not a massive seeker of hair products but I was roped in by the promise of frizz free hair by this Vo5 product. My hair is prone to frizziness and I’ve always looked for products to diminish this but haven’t been successful. This cream does however get rid of frizz. It’s not miraculous, it doesn’t give me post-salon hair but it makes my hair look better than usual and for that I am grateful!

Maybelline – Fit Me concealer 


I’m a massive fan of the ‘NARS creamy concealer’ but decided to give this similar concealer by Maybelline a try. I really like the consistency of this, it’s really creamy and doesn’t crease. It’s really brightening for under the eyes and has a decent lasting power.

Garnier – Toner with Rose Water 

DSC_0150 copy

I’ve never really used rose water on my skin despite knowing about it’s benefits but this toner is a great way to incorporate rose water into your skin care routine. It smells nice and makes my skin feel great after applying!

Thanks for reading, do you like any of these products?

Charity Shop Finds of the Month ♡

This weekend I visited the peak district with my boyfriend, we stopped off in Buxton on our journey back and visited a few charity shops. I picked up two things which I was lucky to find, one of which is actually a massive bargain!

21037677_10154793148982371_1573955051_o copy

Price: £6

My first find was this adorable collared tea dress. I loved the pattern and cut of the dress and luckily it was in my size. I love the button detail on the chest and the quality of the dress is amazing as if it has never been worn. I think this was originally from Marks & Spencers from what I gather from the tag. This dress will go perfectly with a leather jacket and some ankle boots and I can’t wait to wear it!

21034924_10154793149192371_2013672885_o copy

Price: £4.50

My second purchase was this mustard sweater with the french phrase ‘pas normal’ emblazoned on it. I loved the colour of this jumper (which is a bit brighter in person) along with the navy lettering. There seems to be a sudden trend here in the UK of french phrases on clothes and i’m all for it! I googled this jumper later out of curiosity and I found that it was sold for around £75 – £140 on various sites but is mostly sold out now. I’m assuming it had a surge of popularity in the past and I was very chuffed that I brought it for a mere fraction of it’s original price.

That’s all I got and both of these items were from Mind charity shop. I do find some gems at charity shops quite often and I will probably make more posts in the future when I find more! What is your greatest charity/thrift store find? I’d love to hear it!


My Favourite Perfumes ♡

One of my favourite compliments is ‘you smell nice’ which is why I am such a perfume fan, I love the smell, the packaging and the act of putting perfume on. I also find myself reaching for different scents for different occasions so I thought i’d write about my favourite perfumes and the moods that match them!

Vanillary – LUSH


As suggested by the name this is a vanilla based scent with patchouli and jasmine added in the mix. It’s a nice sweet smell and I find this smells better after wearing for an hour or two, it smells like a vanilla cake so what’s not to love!? I would wear this on a sunny optimistic day.

Flash by Jimmy Choo 


This perfume was love at first sight back when I got it in 2014 (it’s a different bottle), I’m bad at describing scents but i’d say this one is fresh and fruity. I wear this as an everyday scent, if I had to wear one perfume for the rest of my life this would be it!

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne  


This is quite a sweet scent but in a more elegant way, it’s a more fancy than everyday smell so i’d wear it maybe to a restaurant or a pub. This also sticks around pretty much all day, it’s so long lasting!

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo


Another perfume I love by Jimmy Choo, this one is spicier and a bit more grown up with more patchouli and caramel scents. I also wear this as an everyday scent, it’s the bottle I go for if i’m feeling pretty neutral.

Decadence by Marc Jacobs


This is definitely the most ‘seductive’ perfume I own, from the plum tones to the amazing bottle. I’d definitely wear this on a night out or a date night it’s such an elegant scent.

Scent of a Dream – Charlotte Tilbury 


This is my most recent perfume, as soon as I sampled it I put it on my birthday wish-list and I’m so happy to own it! This debut scent is perfect, it’s sweet and spicy all in one and the scent gets better with time. I love the way this lasts and the bottle is so beautiful.

Do you like any of these perfumes, if not what is your signature scent? Thanks for reading!

Sephora haul ♡

In my previous post I wrote about my trip to Paris, during that trip I did what any Sephora deprived Brit would and do spent too much time browsing the shelves of the store. I went in to buy primarily stuff from the Sephora line and I did just that, here’s what I got;

Sephora Avocado & Pearl Face Mask 


I see Sephora face masks online all the time so I had to get some, I went for the repairing Avocado and brightening Pearl which are two things I need right now! I can’t wait to use these especially since I’ve never used a sheet mask with these ingredients in.

Avocado Sleeping Mask & Charcoal Nose Strip


My skin has been terrible lately so I got an avocado sleeping mask, I’ve used sleep masks before and they weren’t revolutionary but hopefully this one will be! I also got a charcoal nose strip because pore strips are always necessary once in a while and are oddly satisfying…

Charcoal Micellar Water


For some reason I am drawn to charcoal products recently, maybe because of the detoxifying qualities or because it’s just something relatively new/strange. This is basically micellar water with a bit of charcoal in it to add some purifying qualities. I have used this once and it was similar to a normal micellar water, it dried out my skin a little bit but only time will tell if it does any good in the long run.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Burnt Sienna 


I’d heard so many rave reviews about the cream lip stains by Sephora so I needed to get one (or two). The first shade I picked up was Burnt Sienna, I was immediately drawn to this shade, it’s a purple toned colour which is not something I usually wear boldly but I am looking forward to wearing it.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Copper Blush 


The second lip stain I got is a pinky brown colour, it’s very similar to MAC’s Whirl which is a shade I like to wear often. I’ve worn this once since getting it, it’s very long lasting and the stain does last. It can be drying after a while but that’s kind of expected with cream lip products.


Last but not least I picked up this cute little lip balm, I originally put it back on the shelf because I was worried about spending too much money but my boyfriend sneakily put it back in the basket and got it for me. I am lucky girl. I got this because it’s nice and compact and easy to throw in your bag without worrying about mess. It’s handy and there is always a need for lip balm!

I expected there to be more exclusive brands in Sephora but it’s the same brands you can get in the UK which is why I only brought from the Sephora line. I am looking forward to trying out all of the skincare bits I got but hopefully I don’t get too addicted to Sephora skincare because it’ll be a while before I visit another one!

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any makeup brands you wish were in your country?