Stila All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss review ♡


Happy Sunday everyone, today I happened to stumble across two Stila vinyl lip glosses in two colours for just £3.99 each! I found them in the colours Merlot Vinyl and Terracotta Vinyl, one a deep berry red colour and the other a rosy brown colour. These glosses claim to stay on all day and contain deeply nourishing ingredients such as seaweed extract and green coffee oil.


The first colour I tried on was Terracotta Vinyl, it’s a lovely rosy brown colour which is subtle enough to be an everyday lip colour. The applicator wand is quite streamlined and makes putting on the product easy and it’s quite a thick gloss so a little can go a long way. It is pinker than I expected, with the rosy hints being more   overbearing, and the sh11358687_10152799035757371_29437681_nine is not too overbearing as you can see. The moisturising effects can definitely be felt, it’s not very drying although I imagine throughout the day it would lose its moisture. It’s almost like a lip stain as it is quite hard to get rid of, which is a plus, however not impossible to take off. I love this colour and it will definitely become a staple in my everyday face routine when my lips are feeling a bit dry. I’d give it a 7.5/10.


The second colour Merlot Vinyl is describe as a berry wine colour, i’ve been searching for a deep berry shade so was instantly drawn to this. I found it quite bizarre that when I tried to apply it came out quite purple, as you may be able to see from the wand, however after application it does translate as a deep wine colour. This colour is trickier to apply, due to the thickness it takes a lot of application to get an even coverage on the lips, and even then there are little spots darker or lighter than the rest which bugged me a little. However this is a lovely colour,11282041_10152799035847371_1799532294_n under little lighting it’s very dark but in the light it’s a dark purple red colour. I’m waiting for an occasion to wear this, it’s a great accompaniment to dark clothes. However it doesn’t dry out and I fear it would smudge on the lips quite easily so would require extra care. I’d give this a 6.5/10 

Thank you so much for reading, any comments or likes are greatly appreciated. Hope your day goes swell 🙂


Perking up dull skin ♡


My skin has been looking very dull and lifeless recently, so i’ve been taking these steps to liven it up and stop it from matching the equally dull British weather!


The first thing I’ve been doing is pampering my skin, Lush fresh face masks are amazing, they’re so soothing and full of amazing ingredients that promise to brighten your complexion. This is a personal favourite, it has honey, almond oils and almond shells in it. The almond shells work to exfoliate the skin and makes your skin feel so smooth when you wash it off. Plus it smells like lavender which is one of my favourite scents, it makes the experience even more relaxing! Love Lettuce is a personal favourite but another amazing mask is Mask of Magnaminty, this is great for adding life to the skin as it contains mint which is cooling and soothing to the skin. Cucumber is also great for revitalising your skin so any face product containing cucumber extract is a win.


Two obvious ways to perk up dull skin is utilising the benefits of water! Both normal water and cleansing water. For years I had never used a cleansing water, and I realise how silly I was now, it is amazing. Everyone and their nan loves Micellar cleansing water, whether it be Bioderma or Garnier and it has really helped my skin feel and look much better. I even use it on days when I haven’t worn any makeup as it still removes so much dirt and oil that accumulates during the day. Then there is normal water which I’ve been drinking by the pintful to hydrate my skin, lack of water can be the culprit of dull skin so it’s always a great (and free) fix!


I’ve been giving my skin more makeup-less days but on days make up is needed i’ve been using this bareMinerals Color Boost Palette, which is a rare find as I think it was only available on QVC, but I found it in a dark corner of TKMaxx. It contains three warm tones which are very needed on dull skin days. I’ve been using the colour on the far left to add dimension to my non existent cheekbones, it adds a warm tone to the face, with a slight shimmer.

I’ve then been using the middle colour which is called Peach Champagne to add colour above the cheekbone. As shown in this rather grumpy looking selfie. Bronzer is such a great way to give skin a lively look, I’m not usually a fan of bronzer but I will definitely be investing in more. I’m tempted to invest in NARS Laguna as it is hailed as amazing. If you have any amazing bronzer recommendations please comment them below!

My skin now feels rejuvenated and a bit more lively, hopefully something in this post is helpful to someone out there! Thank you so much for reading, any comments and follows are welcome, I hope your day is filled with lovely things 🙂

Recent beauty bargains.

I’d recently heard of people finding amazing bargains in TKMaxx so took a little trip there to try find something myself. In the past I’ve found really great nail products such as polishes from Essie, Ciaté, Nails Inc and even Illamasqua, all for half price or more so it was already a winning store in my eyes. I’d never really looked for make up there however, it’s a pretty muddled up shop so had no idea where to look. In a small corner near the skincare was a shelf of a variety of products, there were products from Maybelline, Elizabeth Arden, W7, Too faced and Lord & Berry.

I was excited to find Too faced products, I’m dying to try more of their stuff out but was disappointed when I checked the Colour Bomb Lip balms and saw they were all used up and stained. I wasn’t going to risk buying something used so gave up on the dream. The other products I was excited to see was eye pencils by Lord & Berry, a brand I’ve wanted to try out for a while. After digging through a lot of used pencils I finally found an untouched one and it was a great feeling.

11292937_10152762630292371_1583043709_nIt’s in the shade Mink, one end is the pencil and the other a smudger (I have no idea if that’s even the word for it). It’s a lovely shade and feel it goes well with dark eyes as a eye liner alternative or as a shadow, which is what I used it as this morning as it’s a subtle everyday colour. I purchased this for £5.99 which is a bargain when the retail price is around £11. This made up for the used up makeup I had to sift through. I would recommend taking a trip to TKMaxx and looking for some bargains, you may be able to find a diamond in the rough.


In Boots today I also noticed they have a clearance section and found this bottle of Soap and Glory’s Mist You Madly Body spray, which is usually around £6.99 for £1.30! It’s a little scary as to why it was so cheap, but i’ll enjoy it for the meanwhile. If you haven’t found the little clearance section in Boots try to find it, they have some other great deals. I almost came home with a giant box of BooTea but decided against it…

Today an amazon purchase also arrived, I had ordered theBalm‘s Frat Boy blush for what I think is a reasonable price. I got it for £12.25 with free delivery when it retails on average for £15, and even £17.50 on asos. It’s very much worth the price, it’s such a lovely colour, described as a peach/apricot tone blush. Quite a subtle tone on my skin as I’m around a medium and i’d only heard of it looking great on fair skin but I think it looks great on more tanned skin too. I’ll post a FOTD picture to show you how it looks, posting my face is pretty nerve wracking to me so I apologise in advance.


Thank you so much for reading, hopefully this has been a useful post, any comments, questions or follows are greatly appreciated. Hope your day is going or goes swell 🙂

Lottie brushes- Shade & Shadow angle brush review.


While trawling the aisles of Superdrug I stumbled across the new stand for Lottie London, I was actually looking for the Sleek Birthday Suit Matte Me lipstick but it’s never in stock, so to cheer myself up I thought I’d purchase something from this rather new brand.  They sell a variety of Make-up brushes, beauty accessories and Nail products.

lottie_london_best_new_makeup_brushes nails

I’m a sucker for pastel colours so the packaging is initially what drew me into the brushes, I love the pop of colour at the top of the bristles. They’re also vegan-friendly which is great for those who look for that in a brand. They carry all the essential brushes at reasonable prices, I purchased the Shade & Shadow angle brush for £4.99 which is not a lot to part with.

11301450_10152754923712371_1515335835_n 11287371_10152754923752371_1466569604_n

The bristles are very soft and the handle is easy to hold and non-slip. It holds the colour of a shadow very well and application is smooth, I used it for a very simple pale shimmery lid all over so admittedly didn’t make much use of the precise feature of this brush. However testing it out I did see how precise it was, I feel this would be good for under the eye shadow. It is a good brush for any lines in a shadow look, or as odd as it sounds for people with small eyelids. I’m not blessed with much eyelid space and this will definitely help me when I’m trying to do a look that exclusively stays on the lids! The shadow above that I used is Laura Mercier’s Opal fantasy which I combined with MAC’s expensive pink in the corner of my eyes to give a brightening subtle eye look.


I will definitely purchase more of these brushes, Lottie creates colourfully charming products of decent quality. I think the whole set would look very cute on my makeup table too which is never bad. Thank you so much for reading, any comments or follows are greatly appreciated. Hope your day is going or goes swell!

New York beauty buys

Hello! Recently I visited the big apple. It was an amazing trip, so amazing I still don’t believe it happened, it’s as if I dreamed it. I was very busy the whole time but I did get shopping time and here are a few of the beauty products I brought, emphasis on the few.


MAC- Taupe lipstick

When I go into MAC I never really have a plan as to which lipstick I want to buy, I spend a long time looking at the stand and deliberating between colours I like. I picked this based on the colour because like the rest of the world I am obsessed with nudes. It’s a has hints of brown and mauve, which is perfect for my slightly tan skin tone. I think this would suit any skin tone though and it made my lips instantly fuller. It’s a perfect everyday (but kinda fancy day) nude, I wouldn’t wear it to run errands but i’d wear it to a casual lunch with friends. Would recommend!


Nars- Orgasm blush

Apologies in advance for the state of the product… I am a very clumsy person and that explains it all really. This blush however does live up to the hype! I’d heard of how good it was before however never thought it would suit me, it seems so bright and I’m used to slightly darker pinks such as MAC’s Desert Rose (my go to) however when the lady in Bloomingdale’s put it on me straight away I knew that I was going home with it. It is very versatile for most skin tones, pigmented yet not too pigmented, and the shimmer is a nice touch. It looked too daring for me, but I stepped out of my comfort zone and I have a new favourite blush! A lesson that you should try things out even if you aren’t too sure about them.


Tony Moly Perfume Bar and Banana Hand Milk

The last few products were found in the tiniest store in Korea Town. I’m familiar with Tony Moly, I love’s their Cat’s Wink mascara and their face mist is so refreshing, and what’s not to love with packaging that cute! The perfume bar was brought half because of the packaging and half because I kinda love solid perfumes. This one is in the scent Momo fruity, and it does smell very fruity and tropical, reminds me of summer. I think solid perfumes are great, they’re something you can pop in your bag and apply anywhere without the awkward stares you get when you spray perfume. The banana hand milk is pretty amazing, mainly because of the smell, it smells of banana and more specifically if you are British, banana foam sweets. The packaging is too quirky not to buy, I do get a lot of questions when I pull it out of my bag however…


Tony Moly Pomegranate Mask Sheet

I have yet to use this so I have no thoughts on it yet, but it guarantees to firm up sagging skin, I have none of that yet but it looks very refreshing. I did also buy the Strawberry seeds 3-pack nose pack which I was too eager to use, and it was really great, I would recommend it if you’re prone to oily skin and blackheads, it doesn’t completely solve these problems but it sure does help and it smells of strawberries, it’s a great little present for your nose inside and out.

That concludes what I brought, I wish I had brought more but I was running low on time and money. I went into Sephora once, which is a regret, I looked att things thinking I’d come back at some point to buy them but we never went back. All the un-brought Too faced products haunt me to this day…

Thank you for reading, any comments or questions are much appreciated, I hope your day is going or goes swell.


Hello to whomever may be reading. I thought I’d start this blog with a very short introduction post. I started this blog because I’ve always had a penchant for writing diary-like, inclusive texts and sharing my views and life with others. As you’ve probably noted from my header I will write mainly about beauty, fashion and my general life. I fear this text is becoming a bit block-like so here are a few facts about myself;

  • I’m 21 years old
  • Living in the UK
  • I’m half English and half Indian which leads to much confusion.
  • I love collecting vintage objects and clothes, I love the idea that an item I have has been a part of someone else’s life.
  • I spend a lot of money I don’t have on clothes and makeup.
  • I often write exclamation marks in my sentences, I’m not angry, it’s a way that I show enthusiasm!

I’ll keep it short and sweet, I look forward to writing future posts on products I love and mini hauls. Have a lovely day.