My Simple Nightly Skin Routine ♡

There’s nothing better than going to bed with a fresh face for me. Especially in the summer time when your face goes through a lot in the day so I thought i’d talk about the products I use before I fall into the land of slumber.

I firstly take off any makeup i’ve been wearing in the day using Garnier’s Micellar water which wipes off makeup so well and feels so soothing on the skin. However sometimes I add in a makeup wipe to remove mascara first, for some reason my eye makeup is always stubborn to remove.

Secondly I exfoliate my skin with Body Shop’s Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator. My skin is not too sensitive so I can exfoliate most days, I find it keeps my skin baby soft and gives the pores a deep cleansing. Seaweed is also good for regulating oily skin and this product does just that. I find it so relaxing to use the Body Shop Facial Brush alongside it, it’s soothing on the skin and aides the exfoliating process.

Then I use Nip+Fab’s Dark Spot Fix which acts as a skintone corrector and has anti-ageing ingredients. I started using this over a month ago and I really can tell a difference, my skintone appears much more even. While applying this cream I like to massage my face, it looks very bizzare but from reading the research it’s a good way to wade off future wrinkles. I’m hoping that in the future my skin is amazing and I can thank the hours spent massaging my own face. Lastly I apply Body Shop’s Vitamin E eye cream, my dark circles plague me so I just like to apply a night eye cream to keep my under eyes as hydrated as possible.

It’s a pretty simple routine, I don’t like to put on too many products or irritate my skin too much so I only use a few products. Thank you so much reading, any comments or likes are much appreciated, hope your day is going well, and if you’re in the UK hope you’re enjoying the sun! 🙂


New Sleek Crème to Powder Blush Review ♡

Happy friday! I’m trying to be good with my spending but when I saw that Sleek had brought out a crème blush I scraped some money from the bottom of my bag and gave in. I always hear good things about Sleek’s powder blushes and they come in such gorgeous colours, which is also true with the new crème blushes.


There are 6 colours all together and I picked up the colour French Rose, it’s almost a coral colour but more on the pink side. As with most of sleek’s products it’s highly pigmented therefore a little will go a long way.

First Impressions

The pigmentation is great, it means you don’t have to use a lot, but if you do want to it is easily buildable and blends very well. I’m not a fan of overly blushed cheeks on myself so only a small amount of this creates a nice naturally flushed look. It turns to the powder effect pretty quickly upon application and after that the colour doesn’t budge. Its staying power is pretty good however would need touching up every couple of hours, which with the small compact packaging would be easy.

Overall I love the colour of this blush, it’s nice for an everyday look so I would give it a 7.5/10. Slightly lower mark because I’m stuck in my old ways and enjoy powder blushes too much. What are your views on crème blushers, are there any amazing ones out there which will change my opinion on them?

Thank you for reading, any comments or likes are much appreciated, hope your friday is going swell  🙂

My everyday makeup products ♡

I love reading posts about people’s everyday makeup routines, I’m pretty nosey like that, so thought I’d write about my own in case anyone else is equally curious.
I don’t wear makeup everyday because I’m half lazy but when I do these are the products I use religiously.


After moisturising I prime with either MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage or more recently Benefit’s Porefessional. I have a sample size of this I got after a Benefit splurge as I wanted to try it out before committing, but it is so good for mattifying my skin and keeping makeup in place. I then use Bobbi Brown’s Skin foundation in Warm Beige, I love this foundation because it provides seamless coverage and isn’t cakey at all. Then finally I conceal my under eye circles with Nars’ Radiant Creamy Concealer which I wrote about in my last post and am still in love with.

Blush & Bronzer

The next thing I do is try to add some dimension to my non existent cheekbones, I use a palette by bareMinerals called The Wave, it was a random find but i love the colour Bronze Taupe so I use this under my cheek bone as a bronzer, I like that it’s matte and not very orangey. Then on the apples of my cheeks I go for my favourite blush Fratboy by theBalm, it’s a great more subtle everyday blush for my skin tone.

Eyes & Brows

My eyebrows are one of my favourites parts to do and what I get the most compliments on, which is quite sad for all my other features. I’ve used Benefit’s Browzings for a while and it takes a little bit more effort than a plain eyebrow pencil as it has both a wax and powder but the formula is great and stays in place all day. For my eyeliner I have started using Rimmel’s Waterproof Gel Liner but I’m not too sure I like it, only time will tell. I tend to always use a drugstore mascara, they’re as good as high end in my opinion so i’ve been using Maybelline’s Colossal Volum Express. This mascara is good because it doesn’t clump no matter how many coats you put on, people often think i’m wearing false eyelashes when i’ve put this on then curled my lashes a few hours later.


I don’t wear too much colour on an everyday basis, but if I do I wear MAC’s Taupe which is a mauvey nude or I have been liking Topshop’s Sheer Lips in Chuck, it’s not got much colour to it but it is very hydrating.

Here is my everyday makeup face, I’m bad at selfies so I apologise. I apologise in the form of this picture of the amazing Gelato had today. Thank you so much for reading, comments or likes are very appreciated. Hope your day has been swell 🙂


Is it worth the hype?: Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ♡

I am cursed with dark eye circles, these circles are deep-set and the sad truth is they are genetic and no amount of potions and lotions will fix them. I’m with them for life, so I am a massive fan of concealer, although the lines under my eyes will always be apparent I’m always on the lookout for products that brighten my under eyes. There are so many concealers out there but one that has been praised to high heavens is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, so when my boyfriend brought me it I was so happy to own this holy grail product.


I got this in the shade Custard, which is such an appetising name, it’s a tiny bit lighter than my skin tone which helps balance out the darkness under my eyes.
The formula is what it says on the tin, radiant and creamy, once on it is easy to blend into the skin but the colour is not lost or faded which I find amazing.
It’s quite high coverage, I judged this by the fact that it could cover up a beauty mark on my face which means it would be great for blemishes. This doubles up greatly as a highlighter, which I know some people use it for, the radiance of the formula make it great for places such as the inner eye or below the brow.
It has great staying power too, although I do notice, as with any concealer it loses its strength throughout a long day, but not massively and a good primer or setting spray will surely fix that.

Is it worth the hype?

I believe it is worth the hype, and definitely the price, it retails at £22 in the UK which is in the pricier category but this bottle will last a long time and I love the brightening effect it has on my eyes. It may not completely cover my deep set eye lines but it sure does help me look less like an extra in the walking dead and would be good for any pesky blemishes.

Thank you so much for reading this tiny review, i’d love to hear any thoughts on this product or any other under eye concealers that are worth the hype. Hope your day is swell 🙂 

Current favourite neutral eyeshadows ♡

I’ve noticed that a lot of my purchases recently were eyeshadows, and in particular neutral, everyday wear eyeshadows so I thought i’d share these growing favourites.
I love colourful, daring eyeshadow looks but I never feel bold enough to wear them myself so neutral eyeshadows are my one true love.

Laura Mercier – Opal Fantasy 

My under eyes and eyelids have a natural darker discolouration so need all the brightening possible and a shade like this does wonders. It’s a very pale pink, and the pigmentation is great. Swept lightly over the lid and then applied moreso in the inner corners of my eyes make me look more awake and gives the illusion of bigger eyes.

Urban Decay – Naked On the Run

This is such a handy palette, as suggested, for ‘On the Run’. It has such useful shades in it to create a variety of looks, some subtle or more dramatic. I particularly love the shade Dive, the rose metallic colour on the far left, the shimmer in it is so pretty but is wearable for everyday. 5050 which is the large creamy white shadow is such a good base also, so it really is useful to take on your travels.

MAC- Archie’s girls Caramel SundaeThis is quite an old collection, but I recently saw it in an outlet shop and regretted not buying it so hunted it down on eBay. When it came out a lot of people prefered the sister palette Spoiled Rich which had some great purple shades, but I thought this palette would be perfect for an every day look. It contains two frosts, a matte and a shimmer shade, which are all subtle shades. It is not massively pigmented but is buildable and the palette is so tiny it can be popped in a handbag and taken around for touch-ups which was my reasoning for purchasing it.

I wish I could post examples of looks that could be created with these palettes but I’ve been ill recently and always feel iffy about wearing makeup while half diseased. Thank you so much for reading, any comments or likes are appreciated. I hope your days are going or have gone well 🙂

Summer beauty & fashion essentials ♡

11330473_10152806595547371_292468547_nSome sun has made it’s way to the UK this week, and in true British fashion I’m soaking up every (probably limited) ray I can get. It also means i’ve been buying more ‘summery’ beauty products and clothing so thought i’d share my personal summer essentials.



My skin is so temperamental with changing seasons, it will dry out in both cold and hot weather so I can never win. I keep on top of it though with Benefit’s Triple Performance Facial Emulsion which I will praise forever, it’s very hydrating and doesn’t make my skin oily. It also contains SPF so it’s useful to keep the face protected. I have also recently been using Elemis’ Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm which was a free gift in this month’s Marie Claire which cost £3.99. If you can find it i’d recommend it, it is a treat on the skin. I use it as somewhat of a primer after moisturising, and it does make my skin look more radiant. It’s hard to measure the radiance of a face but this has increased it by some percentage!


Sun kissed is often a desirable look for the summer time, so in an attempt to achieve this I purchased the Rimmel Good to Glow highlighter after seeing it in a Lisa Eldridge tutorial. It comes in three colours, Notting Hill Glow which is a pink tone, Piccadilly Glow which is more of a peach hue and Soho Glow which has more of a bronze tinge. It’s a great product, it’s shimmery but not overbearing and it’s lightweight yet buildable. It looks great mixed in with foundation or used on it’s own, for £4.99 it’s a pretty good buy! I definitely will be buying the other shades. The last product is an obvious essential, suncream! This one isn’t a very high SPF so when it’s blistering heats I’ll definitely up the SPF but for the meanwhile this is very moisturising and it smells so nice and looks kind of like icecream…



I’ve been obsessed with high waisted shorts recently, I think they’re so flattering for many body shapes and are adorable. The red pair are from ASOS and the floral ones are from a shop called Select. Not very ground breaking with the florals but I loved the colour and the detail on the trim. These are also great because you can wear a crop and not have to show off too much of the stomach area if like me, you’re insecure about it.


For when it’s not hot enough to be bare armed I’ve been donning this Kimono which was from Primark. The pattern is very pretty with a slightly oriental pattern and the colours are nice and neutral enough to go with many outfits. It’s not very thick material so is great to just throw on and keep your arms covered.

Food & Drink


I drink a lot of green tea, but when it’s too hot i’ve been switching to iced tea and this one is so good. It’s the pomegranate green tea from Arizona, which in the UK you can get from the bargain shop b&m for under £1! Also not really an essential but in summer I tend to crave colours, I can’t explain it but I want to eat colourful fruits and vegetables. If anyone else gets this please tell me! So i’ve been cooking lots of orange, green, red and any other coloured vegetables to match the colourful weather. The above dish is sweet potato falafel with roasted sweet potato and courgettes.

That’s all I can think of right now, so thank you so much for reading, what do you love in the summer? Is it sunny where you live right now? Any comments or likes are greatly appreciated, hope your day goes well 🙂 

May favourites ♡


May is over and June has welcomed itself in the form of a rainy windy day, not very promising but at least it’s an excuse to stay in and drink green tea. Without further ado here are 6 of my beauty favourites of the month. It was tricky to narrow it down!

  1. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 – Warm Beige


I’ve been loving this foundation, I don’t like to wear a very full coverage as I don’t feel my skin is too in need of it so this perfect for me. It creates an even skintone and isn’t too cakey as it’s quite watery. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea if you’re looking for a full coverage or if you’re not a fan of very liquidy foundation. I think foundation is subjective, but to me this is a match made in heaven.

2. FratBoy blusher by theBalm


I’ve been wearing this blush religiously since I brought it, it’s amazing. It’s a lovely apricot peachy colour and it goes on the cheeks so smoothly with just the right amount of colour pay off. It adds a lovely glow to both pale and more darker skin, it’s definitely one of, maybe even my favourite blushes.

3. Stila All day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Terracota Vinyl 

11356141_10152800761497371_344649116_nI did a review on this yesterday and I’d only purchased it yesterday but I already love it so much. On first impression I wasn’t blown away but after a second application and wearing it for a while I’ve fallen for it. It’s a perfect colour for my lips and lasts very well, even after eating and drinking. It doesn’t stay too glossy which is always great as the colour stays intact. I imagine i’ll be wearing this many times in the month of June!

4. Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner


This has been raved about so much so thought i’d try it out, and it is pretty much worth the hype. It’s serves its purpose as a liquid eyeliner, it’s a very dark black and is very easy to apply as the nib of the liner is a great shape. It’s good as an everyday liner as it requires less effort than a gel liner and I prefer it to Kohl. I love the cursive writing on the packaging also, Alexa Chung is both skilled at cat eye liner and handwriting apparently!

5. Topshop Matte Nails in Brutal


Topshop is re-knowned for it’s nail polishes and this one does it justice. I’d never tried matte nails so didn’t know what to expect but these dry pretty matte and the colour is so nice. It’s a lovely deep purple which takes me back to the days 12 year old me would paint my nails this colour with Claire’s nail polish whilst listening to My Chemical Romance. Nostalgia aside, it’s a great colour and a great formula!

6. Korres Body milk – Japanese Rose 


This body milk has such a nice smell, I have no idea what a Japanese rose is supposed to smell like but this fragrance is like a regular sweet rose, so I assume nice. It’s very moisturising and the smell lasts a long time on the skin which is a winning factor for me. It contains almond oil, shea butter and many other natural ingredients which make is a treat for the skin.

And thus concludes my first ever favourites post, hopefully it was interesting to read, I love reading favourites posts so I think that’ll be how I spend the rest of my evening. Thank you so much for reading, hope your night/day is going lovely 🙂