Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Etienne ♡

I’ve had my eye on this lipstick for a few months now so decided to take the plunge and buy it. This lipstick cost a pretty penny at £26 but I am practically a lipstick collector and have wanted this for so long so it wasn’t too painful! I tried this on in store and loved the colour, it’s a perfect autumn/winter colour and is so comfortable to wear.

The formula of this lipstick boasts the use of Jojoba and Mimosa butters along with sunflower wax which gives it the title of Ultra Hydrating, and for me that is exactly what it is, after hours of wear my lips still feel moisturised and smooth. I’d definitely wear this on occasions I know i’ll be wearing it for more than four hours, it will not be drying at all. Sometimes I find i’ll wear a lipstick and it’ll dry within four hours and i’ll be re-applying to dry lips which is not the best feeling in the world, whereas this eliminates that. The finish is quite glossy and because of that it can come off and smudge easier than some lipsticks which means straws are definitely essential! I do find that the colour fades slightly as time goes by which means re-application every two hours or so, however because the packaging is so beautiful I won’t mind that at all!

The colour Etienne is described as a Burgundy Red, I find it more of a raspberry toned red than some of the burgundy colours I have. I feel it’s more everyday wearable than most of the burgundy tones though this way, it’s not too overbearing and can be applied lightly for more of a natural look but also layered up to a more pigmented effect. I find it interesting that the lipsticks are named after Coco Chanel’s friends and lovers, Etienne was one of her lovers, it makes you wonder why she picked this particular colour for him.

12083777_10153058344057371_173759234_nThis lipstick, to me, was definitely worth the purchase, it’s a shade i’ll get a lot of wear out of and I love the glamorous packaging. This is my first Chanel product, but I’m already tempted to go back, but that day will h
ave to be far in the future when I can justify a splurge like this again! Thank you for reading, have you used any Chanel products? I’m always tempted by Vitalumiere Aqua but doubt I could part with my pennies when I’ve heard about quite a few dupes. Hope your days are going well 🙂


MAC Amber Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette Review ♡

I have an eyeshadow problem it is clear, I own so many palettes yet I keep adding to the collection! However I couldn’t resist one last palette before I put myself on a ban so when I saw the MAC x9 palettes with a 10% off discount on the Debenhams website I couldn’t not. I was torn between the Burgundy selection and the Amber shades but in the end I chose the palette I would get the most use out of, the Amber palette boasts such wearable shades and I like to get my money’s worth.

The pigmentation of this palette in all honesty varies, most of the shades are very pigmented and appear well on the lid but the one colour which was a bit of a let down was ‘Don’t tell’, it looks so nice in the pan, however when applied all I see are sparkles, there is almost no colour behind it. Maybe I just got a dud version but if this is one of the colours you would buy the palette for I’d reassess! Despite the lack of pigmentation the rest of the colours are great, they show up well on the lid and can be blended easily.

The standout shades for me are Kitties and Cork, Kitties is a really pretty light bronze, I love wearing it all over the lid and it has very little fallout throughout the day so I would reach for this on a daily basis. Plus it’s called Kitties, how can you not love it! Cork, which is raved about to high heavens, lives up to it’s hype and is just an all round great crease colour. I find it hard to find a crease colour that doesn’t look too dark but this is perfect. Some reviews say that the Cork in this palette is sheerer than in their single shadows, which may be a problem for some, but for me it stops me from going too dark in the crease which would emphasise my dark circles.

Swatches from here.

Ricepaper is another raved about shade, I’ve always known it as Essiebutton’s favourite, and it is the perfect highlight shade for my skin. My skin has slight yellow undertones and this matches that so well, so good for inner corners and the brow bone. I will get much use out of the other shades too, and Pepper Please is a really good shade to create a more night time look. The only shade I will probably never touch is Cozy Grey, it is quite grey and the skin around my eyes has a lot of grey already in it that I wish not to emphasise!

One thing that kind of shocked me about the palette is the tininess of it, the shadows are about the size of a British One Pence coin, but I very rarely hit pan on anything so ever the optimist, I can look past this. This makes it super compact aswell, which is necessary as I feel this will be with me everywhere. Another downfall is that I’ve read online that some of the shades aren’t as pigmented as the single shadows, so if that’s something that concerns you maybe this palette is not for you. Overall though I do love this palette and it was worth it’s money, though I think it’s the last palette I will buy for a long time!

Thank you so much for reading, have you tried any of these x9 palettes? Hope your Fridays go well! 🙂

Cleaning brushes with Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap ♡

I’d heard of this strange sounding product from a few youtubers and so when I came across it in TKMaxx (yes, again) I decided to substitute it for the baby shampoo that I usually use to clean my brushes. It’s common knowledge that not washing your brushes regularly can cause a buildup of bacteria which can cause breakouts on your skin, plus clean brushes apply product much more effectively. It’s a little bit of a hassle and I very rarely find myself in a mood where I want to clean my brushes but it has to be done! Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap is a concoction of organic oils which have antibacterial properties and it can be used for so many things, from washing your hands, to brushing your teeth, to cleaning your floors, I think i’ll stick to just using it for brushes for now but it’s a very handy thing to have around.

To clean my brushes with it I first dampen the brush with water from the tap, pointing it downwards to avoid water getting to the handle, then add a drop or two of Magic Soap to the palm of my hand. Then I swirl the brush into the soap gently, and you can see the excess product coming off, I do this till I can’t see any product coming off, then I rinse the brush and leave it to dry hanging over my windowsill so that the brush can reshape. With the Magic Soap it is a much quicker process, it cleans the brushes faster than when I used baby shampoo, and I do notice it leaves the brushes looking newer than they did before, the white tips of the brushes are left sparkling. That’s a bit of an overstatement but I was very impressed with how restored and soft my brushes felt!

There isn’t much else to say about the Magic Soap, it does the job of effectively cleaning brushes and I feel that because of it’s antibacterial factors it has thoroughly cleaned my brushes more so than baby shampoo did. It also comes in different scents which is nice, I chose the Lavender scent, because I love the smell and have to be true to my blog name, but there are other scents such as Almond, Rose and Peppermint. It’s also cruelty free and vegan. I purchased this for £3.99 at TKMaxx which is a good price for the uses I will get out of it, however I think it is a little pricier online, but if you do stumble across it at a price for you I’d definitely recommend it. I might also use it to clean the floor one day, though I doubt that would make an interesting post.

Thank you so much for reading, what do you use to clean your brushes? Hope you’re all having a lovely week 🙂

theBalm’s Nude Tude Palette Review ♡

This is yet another TKMaxx treasure find, I keep finding the best stuff in that place! I had my eye on this palette for a long time, it boasts such pretty, usable colours and the packaging also wooed me. I picked it up in an instant and thought i’d write a mini review.

The array of Pinks, Browns and Blacks means you can create a number of neutral looks and can find colours that suit you. You can create a toned down neutral look or go all out using the darker shades, so this is a really flexible palette, and includes some unique colours I don’t have in my collection. The colour I was most excited about was ‘Sexy’ which is a Matte Burgundy shadow, it’s quite different to anything i’d seen in a neutral palette before, it’s very pigmented on the brush or on the fingers but I find that it fades out and the deep burgundy colour is lost upon application which was a slight disappointment. Although that was a mini downfall I have tried out the majority of these colours and was very impressed, my particular favourites being ‘Stand-offish’, ‘Sultry’ and ‘Seductive’, these colours are really good for a quick wash of colour, or mixed with any others in the palette, there are so many combination opportunities.

Although the pigmentation is good because the colours are so shimmery there is slight fallout so if you were going heavy with these shadows you’d have to use a primer and do eyes before base. The primer, Put a Lid on it! that comes with the set is pretty good, it does as a primer should, keep eye shadows put and avoids the oily lid situation. The brush that comes with the palette is not very soft, so i don’t think I’ll get much use out of it, but it’s good that it comes with a brush, for this reason it’d be a good starter palette for someone. Overall I am happy I snatched up this palette, it includes some very pretty colours which I don’t have and has a lot of room for experimenting with different looks.

Thank you for reading, any thoughts on this palette? Do you like theBalm’s products? I think they’re a pretty underrated brand, they do a lot of good products, I really want to try their Meet Matte Hughes Lipsticks. Hope your days go well 🙂

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Mattes Lipstick Review ♡

I am a lip product hoarder, but I couldn’t pass up these lipsticks, the colour selection appealed to me and I love creamy matte formulas so they hopped into my shopping basket. I got the two colours I liked the most which were Craving Coral and Divine Wine, the first being an orangey red colour and the latter being a burgundy deep red.

On first impression the formula of these are creamy, non-dragging on the lips and comfortable to wear. Application is easy and the coverage is even all over the lips with both shades. I’m also impressed with the staying power and how non-drying it is after an hour or so of wearing, the colour wasn’t lost even after drinking. They do however come off if you touch your lips so you’d have to be careful to not smudge them.

Craving Coral

I picked polar opposite shades, one is a spring/summer staple and the other perfect for autumn/winter, my reasoning makes no sense but I loved this colour when I swatched it. It’s a bright coral colour and very pigmented, It wears easily and it has swayed me into buying more coral tones in the future. It has been compared to MAC’s Lady Danger which is a little redder, and I think this colour will look good on any skin tone and means I will definitely be investing in a coral shade in the future warmer seasons.

Divine Wine

I am a burgundy fiend so I needed this shade, and apparently lots of other people did too because there were none left in Boots and only one in Superdrug. I can see why it’s so in demand, it’s a nice warm shade perfect for this particular season. The colour pay off is great and it’s easy to apply, however as I mentioned before you’d have to be wary of smudging, especially with this stark colour. I will definitely be wearing this often, though it’s more of an evening shade and very similar to the coveted MAC Diva.


Above: Craving Coral
Below: Divine wine

Overall I am impressed with these lipsticks, I feel as though Maybelline’s lip products can be hit and miss but when they get it right it’s a good outcome, and this is an example of that. They are comfortable enough to wear every day and the colour selection makes for great evening wear. The packaging is pretty generic, but sturdy which is all it needs to be really.

Thank you so much for reading, have you tried these yet, are you a fan of any other Maybelline Lip Products? Hope your days all go swell 🙂

Birchbox UK: September 2015 ♡

This was my second Birchbox, I was pleased with last months box so when this month’s box arrived it was like a second christmas. This month is Birchbox’s birthday so the box design is birthday themed, I went for the box design I found the cutest but both were nice little designs. I decided not to look at the teasers this month so everything was a surprise, and here’s what I got;

Benefit’s The Porefessional

I’ve been tempted to get the full-size of this for a while now, so receiving it in my box is nice, I prefer to try things out before committing. This is an oil-blotting stick, which is new technology to me, it’s a nice spin on the traditional blotting paper and it works just the same. My skin is relatively oily in some areas so I tried this out and it really does mattify, instantly getting rid of shiny areas, I’ve only been wearing it for an hour but so far my shine hasn’t come back. This is a pretty decent sample size and handbag friendly so I am happy with this addition, this will hopefully persuade or dissuade me to buy the full version.

Miracle Skin Transformer – Face Broad Spectrum SPF20

Despite the confusing name this is basically a tinted lotion which aims to moisturise, prime, minimise pores, mattify and act as SPF. It looks quite pigmented however a small amount blended into the skin is quite sheer and unoticeable which is perfect in a product like this. I look forward to trying this out, again this sample size will go a long way.

Bliss – Lemon+Sage Body Butter

I’ve never tried anything from Bliss, which is what I like about Birchbox, I get to try brands that i’ve heard of but never get round to trying. I can’t own enough Body Butters, for some reason I use them like they’re going out of fashion, and this one is very moisturising, it leaves my skin feeling soft yet moisturised. I’m not 100% sure on whether I like the scent or not yet, something about sage doesn’t resonate with me, I do like the lemony scent though and this does contain coconut oil and vitamin E which I am crazy for. Only time and multiple showers will tell.

Laqa & Co Cheeky Lip Pencil

I’d never heard of this brand and initially the bright pink colour sort of intimidated me but now this is probably my favourite thing in the box. It has multiple uses, both as a lip crayon or a blush and I really like the colour as both. I usually steer clear of very pink lip colours as I feel they don’t suit me but on the lips this is not very overbearing and compliments my skin tone well. I think I prefer it as a blush however, it translates as a nice rosey colour and blends very well, this would be perfect to take on the go, no brushes needed.

RUSK Volumising mousse

I’m not a massive user of mousse’s or styling products for my hair but this will give me a chance to dabble in some styling, you can add it to damp or dry hair for volumising and heat protection. I’ve used it in dry hair at the roots and top of my hair and it does add a bit of volume, I haven’t tried it extensively enough to know how voluminous it is but there was a noticeable difference. This smells amazing too, I think i’ll genuinely just wear it to make my hair smell nice.

The Birchbrush

I’m always tempted to buy a tangle teezer or similar product but it always slips my mind, I was very happy to receive this for that reason. It really is a much less painful way to get tangles out of your hair, which I am prone to, and will prevent breakages. It’s a cute little addition to the box, and I love the colour.

Thank you so much for reading, what’s your thought’s on this month’s box? I think I like this month’s box as much as I did last months, I feel i’ll get more practical use out of this month’s products. I wish I had received the Laura Mercier product though, I really want to try more of her stuff out. Hope you all have a lovely day 🙂 

Is it worth the hype?: Nuxe Reve De Miel ♡

I hear about this lip balm so much, from bloggers and youtubers alike so when I saw it in Marks & Spencers of all places I decided to pick it up. I used an M&S voucher I had on me for about a year so there was nothing to lose and have been using this for around a month so thought I’d write about whether or not it’s worth the £9.50 price tag.

Initially the smell reminds me of a Terry’s chocolate Orange, so it’s very pleasant on the nose…buds?  The scent is probably due to the mix of honey, shea butter, almond oil that are a few of many ingredients in this pot of goodness. According to the box it was tested in extreme Canadian weather, which if it’s good enough for Canadians it’s good enough for me. I don’t have overly dry or chapped lips, but I often wake up and feel I need to apply a balm before I apply a lip product but if I use this I feel like my lips are ready straight away for product.

The texture of the balm is quite thick and you can feel it on your lips for quite a while, which feels as if it’s doing it’s job of conditioning the lips, most lip balm’s I’ve used tend to dry out quickly and need to be applied less than an hour later but this stuff sticks around. I have noticed more even-ness in the tone of my lips and I attribute it to using this nightly, if you suffer from chapped lips this would definitely be worth a try. This is a perfect autumn/winter balm, it’s very nourishing when used at any time and the packaging is compact enough to take on the go.

Is it worth the hype?
I’m 50/50 on whether this is worth the hype, it’s definitely a really good lip balm, it has evened out the tone of my lips and made them lipstick ready in a short amount of time, but whether it’s worth the price is what twists my decision. I know that Burt’s Bees Lip Balms use very similar ingredients and have had equally good reviews, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you can save more than half the pennies and purchase one of those. However if you’ve got the money to spend and need a good lip balm to last you the winter time and more then i’d definitely recommend this.

Thank you so much for reading, what’s your favourite lip nourishing product? Hope your saturdays are going well 🙂