Things I’m loving from Lush lately ♡

I, like many people, love Lush, I love the smell of the general shop, the niceness of the assistants and the massive variety of products. I sadly don’t have a bath in my current home but I still enjoy trying out the other products and these are the ones i’ve been loving lately.

  1. Mask of Magnaminty – Face and Body Mask 

This has had so much praise from so many people, it seemed to be the go to mask from lush. I’ve always been a Love Lettuce fan but this seems to be just as great, I’ve been using it weekly and have noticed very little problems with my skin and the slight blemishes I had are gone. It is a very good mask, it left my skin feeling so great and I think this would be suited for people with skin prone to spots, a lot of the reviews online praise it for being good for soothing spots. Definitely something that’d be great for acne!

2. Fun – Pink 

I don’t actually know what to describe this as, it’s kind of a plasticine/playdough lump of candy smelling goodness, it smells very sweet but it’s a nice musky sweet. I left this slightly open by accident and it made my room smell amazing, you can use it for a number of things such as a shampoo, a body wash, bubble bath, hand washing clothes and to make rooms smell nice apparently. I use it primarily as a body wash, you take a pinch and it just lathers up as you apply it, you need very little to wash yourself so this will last a long time. I love this product it’s so cute, it’s fun to stand there moulding shapes while I wait for conditioner to sit in, it takes you back to your childhood! Kids would love this just as much.

3. Nightwing – Shower Jelly 

To get into the festivity of Halloween I had to buy this, I’m a sucker for Halloween, if it’s shaped like a pumpkin or a bat it will be mine. I liked the scent of this better than Lord of Misrule, the green coloured shower cream. This smells exactly like fruit pastilles, particularly green fruit pastilles which are my personal favourite. I’d never used a shower jelly so went into this an optimist, it is harder to use than I thought, it gets slippery and you have to stop if from falling but in all honesty that is half the fun. I found it uplifting to use and if you don’t want to deal with the slip factor you could cut it into pieces. The Vitamin E in it leaves my skin so soft and smelling like fruit pastilles so I will be using this til the poor bat is minuscule!

Have you tried any of this good stuff? Or do you recommend anything, I see Lush trips becoming a regular thing. Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Hope your weekends are going well!


Mini Revlon haul ♡

I recently went into Boots to check out the Revlon scented nail polishes, they look so cute and they stock on-season colours, but once I saw that it was 3 for 2 I decided to pick up some other stuff which resulted in a mini haul! I’m not a regular user of Revlon so this was a good chance to branch out and I’ve been pleased with the things i’ve tried so far.

Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain in Stockholm Chic

Admittedly I was drawn to this for the packaging, such a unique tube, the colour also lured me, it’s a orange toned red on the darker side it combines the best colours of autumn so of course is perfect! The applicator is a good shape and allows for precision application but it does take a while to get an even colour. It’s a nice colour and does feel moisturising which is great but I feel it doesn’t have great staying power, I think this would be great on top of another lip product or if you’re looking for a quick bit of colour.

PhotoReady Prime + Antishine

This was a free gift with the 3 for 2 deal so I had no reason not to get it, I don’t use primers daily but this I could see myself getting a good use out of this. It act’s as a pore minimiser and anti-shine balm, it does immediately minimise pores, and it does last relatively long. It’s not an amazing primer but it does do it’s job and I have noticed less shine throughout the day. The sponge applicator is pretty pointless however, it makes it difficult to apply the product so you have to resort to using your fingers.

Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

The whole reason I was in the Revlon section was this, I saw one on instagram and knew I needed one in my life.I love the variation of scents you can get, I got Chocolate Truffle, it’s a nice dark brown and the formula is pretty decent, it doesn’t chip easily and would stick around for a long time with a good top coat. It also actually does smell like chocolate! Not immediately though, it has to dry but once in a while you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the scent when you put your hands near your face, which I have learnt is actually pretty often…

Powder Blush in Mauvelous

I picked this up as something I can take on the go for touch ups, I’m in university for long hours so need something compact and with a transportable brush and this is perfect. I really like the colour it’s as you would expect, a Mauve colour, it’s not too pigmented so application is smooth and it does last quite a while. I’m impressed by the staying power it doesn’t fade easily so this is perfect for long day use.

Thank you for reading, are you a fan of any Revlon products? I am impressed so far, I will definitely try more stuff from them. Hope your weekends are going well 🙂

Birchbox UK: October 2015 ♡

I was so excited for this month’s Birchbox from seeing the previews, I didn’t get the time to pick which box I wanted but I was hoping for the Stylist Guest Editor Box so when it arrived at my door I was pretty excited. I love trying out the stuff I get in my Birchboxes and I think i’ll get some good use out of the items I got this month.

Rituals Shower Foam in Yogi Flow

The body scrub by rituals I received in my first Birchbox has had so much use so I was happy to be able to try out another one of their products and it doesn’t disappoint. Rituals really know how to do scents, this one is Indian Rose and Almond Oil and it lathers up into a nice foam, it’s just so nice to use, I never thought i’d be so excited about a shower gel but it has become a reality!

Bioderma Sensibio 

I was very pleased to see a tiny sample of this in my box, I’ve been wanting to buy a full size but i’m forever unsure as to whether or not it is worth the money over the budget micellar options. I haven’t tried it yet but everyone and their grandmas say it’s amazing so I doubt it’ll be disappointing. Hopefully this will influence me to invest in a bigger bottle one day!

Parlor Smoothing Blowout Spray 

This smells so good, it leaves my hair smelling like peaches. It’s a spray used before blowdrying your hair, it boasts hydrating and protecting features, and my hair feels noticeably smoother after styling. My hair does not adhere well to a blow-dry, it just waves out and never stays straight so this product won’t be much use to me in that department but it will be good as heat protection and for the smell factor!

100% Pure Fruit Lip Glaze in Elderberry 

As the title suggests this product is all natural and cruelty free, I haven’t tried many all natural products but so far so good! This is very nourishing on the lips and adds a little bit of colour, it’s perfect for no makeup or minimal makeup days and the packaging is sleek and easy to carry.

English Laundry No.7 For Her EDP

This is a tiny sample and probably won’t get me very far but it is a really nice scent, it’s a nice mix of sweet and musky. It’s a cute little handbag feature and I will be sad to see it run out.

When Travelmate Sheet Mask 

I was so confused as to what this was when I first opened my box, I imagined some sort of bicycle bag but after more investigation to my delight I found it was a sheet mask! I love sheet masks so this is perfect for me, it claims to be perfect for tired, dry skin so I think I’ll save it for a long, tired day.

Did anyone else get this months Birchbox, I’m curious to see what people got in the Back to Basics box. Thank you so much for reading hope your weekends are going well 🙂

September Beauty Favourites ♡


September is one of my favourite months, it gets frosty in the mornings and autumn colours invade shops. I’ve been trying out quite a few new things lately and have so many favourites I’m sure i’ve not even scraped the barrel. But here are the ones that made the final cut!

MAC’s Lustre Lipstick in Plumful

This is somewhat of a cult classic which has been described as perfect for autumn, it took a while for me to warm to it admittedly, it was pinker in tone than I assumed but after wearing it a few times I grew to love it. It’s such a nice bright plum colour and it compliments many skin tones. I find it isn’t super long lasting but the formula is very moisturising so perfect for everyday wear.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow in On & On Bronze 

This is yet another cult classic product and I can see why, the formula of these is a Cream Gel and are just the right amount of creamy to easily apply to the eyelid but also not too creamy that they slip everywhere. I love this colour it can be perfect for everyday or nighttime because it can be layered and used alongside regular eyeshadows.

MAC x9 Eyeshadow palette


I wrote a review on this here, i’ve been wearing shades from this almost daily, I like the colour selection and pigmentation, you can mix and match and create a variety of looks, i’m definitely taking this next time I travel overnight somewhere.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella 

This shade speaks to me, it’s such a nice deep red, so apt for Autumn. The thing I find most impressive about this is the staying power, I wore this to a pre-drinks and no matter what I drank this didn’t budge, and believe me, a lot of glasses were emptied. Although it is quite drying after a few hours it is perfect for drinking occasions and the velvet finish is beautiful.

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Beg 

This blush is super pigmented, you really don’t need a lot, which makes it easy to use too much but when you get the perfect amount of coverage this colour is so pretty. It’s a dusty rose pink which I love, and it’s long lasting. Although it took me a while to get the application right it was worth the effort!

Thank you so much for reading, do you like any of these products? I can’t wait to read all the autumnal themed favourites posts. Hope your Saturdays are going well 🙂