Valentines beauty essentials ♡


I’m pretty sure you know that Valentines day is tomorrow, what with all the cards, flowers and chocolates flooding stores! Whether you’re single or taken it should be a day where you are treated or treat yourself, I’ll be dressing up to the nines (as much as I can) and going for a fancy (too fancy) dinner so I thought i’d share what beauty bits i’ll be using on the occasion.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella


This pencil is perfect for any occasion that involves a lot of drinking and eating, it takes a lot to smudge and the colour doesn’t fade easily. It’s also such a nice deep red and comfortable matte finish.

Nails Inc – King Edward Street


Going along with the red theme i’ll be adorning my nails with this colour, it’s possibly only the red nail polish I own but I feel it has to be done. It’s relatively long lasting and simply a nice colour.

Nude Tude – The Balm


This palette seems fitting, with its risqué packaging and aptly named shades, there are so many great shades to choose from and they’re all well pigmented. My favourite colours to use are ‘Snobby’ and ‘Stand-offish’, they seem to brighten up the eyes and are great for something simple.

The Righteous Butter – Soap & Glory 


The last thing you’d want on valentines day is dry, itchy skin so I’ll be slathering this wonderful stuff on. I’ve loved this for years now, it really does leave you with soft skin and smells so good. It’s full of shea butter and aloe vera, which helps achieve the silky smoothness, good for this particular occasion in which i’ll be going bare legged!

Frat Boy – The Balm


Again the packaging for this is very fitting, it’s a lovely peachy blush, which will be good for a noticeably flushed, but not too flushed look! It’s great for building up as I find it’s not too pigmented, which I prefer in a blush.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all have a good valentines day, whether it involves spending it wining and dining with your loved one or staying in treating yourself, take advantage of the valentines food deals going on! Let me know what beauty items are necessary for your valentines day 🙂


Recent lush favourites ♡

DSC_0334_FotorI received a lot of Lush products for Christmas, which means i’ve started the new year smelling pretty good, here’s a few of the things I’ve been enjoying and would recommend.

The Comforter


I had heard such praise for this shower cream, there are many fans of the accompanying bubble bar and with good reason! It smells so lovely, it’s main components are cassis, bergamot and blackcurrant but to me blackcurrant is the overpowering smell. Though I’ve  never been a big fan of berry scents this has wooed me over, it’s such a treat to use and is very moisturising on the skin. I will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle when this is empty.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner


The term ‘Body Conditioner’ confused me a little bit but it’s basically an in shower lotion, you lather it on in the shower and wash it off shortly afterwards. It has a creamy consistency and leaves a strange feeling on the skin at first but after washing and drying it leaves your skin super moisturised. It’s perfect for areas with dry skin such as elbows and knees, and it’s great to use after shaving too as it prevents any possibly itchy or dry skin. I would definitely give this a try if you’re a dry skin sufferer, and it has a lovely musky rose smell.



Lush’s Gorilla perfume range seems to be a little bit overlooked but they have some great scents, Vanillary stuck out to me when I tested them. It has strong hints of vanilla, jasmine and caramel. The vanilla is what stands out the most, it gives the perfume a cakey kind of scent, and it only gets better throughout the day. It has a long lasting smell and isn’t harsh on the skin, I would take a gander at the perfumes next time you’re in Lush, you might find a new signature scent!



I had fears that this was named after the movie series and that i’d come out of the shower sparkling but luckily I came out sparkle-less. I think the name is a reference to the relaxing night time qualities it has, it’s definitely something you’d use before bed to soothe you to sleep. It smells of lavender which is why I think I love it so much, it’s the most relaxing scent ever. I can’t explain my love for this in words it’s definitely something I need to stock up on! If you love lavender and soothing scents definitely try this out and try not to fall asleep in the shower.

Thank you for reading! Do you love any of these products? Or do you have any recommendations for similar products? Hope your weekends are ending well 🙂