Autumn/Fall Fashion Favourites ♡

Autumn is arguably the best time for clothes, clothes shops are flooded with amazing colours and you can layer up as much as you want. It’s only a few days till halloween which means Autumn is at its peak (in my mind) so I thought I would share some of my favourite things I’ve been wearing this year!

Turtleneck Jumpers.jumperNew Look

Never did I think I’d see the day that i’d love turtlenecks, they used to be a thing reserved for Steve Jobs and Dwayne Johnson in the 90’s but they have made a great comeback! Not only do turtlenecks look great with skinny jeans they’re also pretty practical, they’re great for keeping your neck warm in the colder weather which is why they are a win. I love the terracotta colour of this one, it’s apt for the season and goes well with both black and blue jeans.

Mustard skirts.skirtGeorge, ASDA

I purchased this skirt (well, my nan did) primarily for the colour, I love wearing mustard colours in autumn. Paired with a thick pair of tights and boots this skirt looks great and you can match a decent amount of colours with it. The zips are also a nice detail, even though they lead to nowhere, fake pockets are no surprise to me these days!

Oversized Cardigans.cardiPrimark, a long time ago though!

Oversized cardigans are pretty much the cosiest thing on this planet, which is why I love wearing them. You can wear them with leggings, jeans, skirts and they will make people envy how cosy you are.

Animal print shoes.shoesNew Look

Leopard/animal print has been a recurring trend this autumn, I’ve always secretly loved leopard print (always faux of course!) so i’m happy that it’s more socially acceptable this season. I particularly love this print on shoes which is why I’m happy I found these shoes, on sale nonetheless! They go with so many autumnal colours which is why they are perfect for this season.

Ankle boots.shoesbootsASOS

Ankle boots are the epitome of Autumn/Winter and I own quite a few pairs but these are my current favourite. I love the cut out detail, you either have to wear light tights or those strange semi-socks to see it but it’s worth it! They are also super comfy to walk in despite the slight heel.

Cute Socks.socksNew Look 

These are not really fashion items and I won’t be seen wearing them in public but they are too adorable not to share! Plus cute socks are practical, the best thing to keep your feet warm on these cold days. The tough decision is which pair to wear on actual halloween day…?

Other things i’ve been loving are faux leather skirts, velvet and trench coats.
Thank you for reading this post, are some of these your favourites too? What fashion pieces have you been loving this season? Have a great day!


Visit to a cat café ♡

This weekend my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Nottingham, I promised we could go to one of this favourite BBQ restaurants and he promised me we could go to one of the few cat cafés in the UK. For those who don’t know what a cat café is, they are basically  fully functioning cafés with the twist being that there are a number of cats roaming about. Usually the cats live in the cafés which means they look like cat playgrounds with cat toys and high platforms for them to sleep/play on.


Upon entering you’re given a list of rules to sign, put in place to safeguard the cats then you’re taken to your table, we booked in advance which is essential with this particular place.We booked earlier in the day so the only slot left was at 4pm , an hour before closing time, but I feel this was a perfect time because it wasn’t too busy and the atmosphere felt more chilled out. The decor of the place was all really cute and perfect for a cat lover, cat cushions everywhere! As soon as you walk in you can see the cats, they are dotted everywhere and there are cats of all shapes and sizes. There were rag doll cats, flat faced cats, fluffy cats, shorthaired cats, fat cats, tiny cats, basically all types of cats!


The cats kept to themselves (which is what cats do anyway) but played with some of the toys with the other customers, some were sleeping and some ran around the rooms, they just seemed to be doing whatever they wanted which was nice to see! Cats seemed to be drawn to different tables, we had a little ginger tabby sit under our table for a while which was nice, and some of the cats sat with other customers. We ordered a few drinks, two chai lattes and a rose lemonade, and the chai lattes were very good which is a big plus! We didn’t order any food but they have jacket potatoes, salads, pizza and cakes which all looked pretty good. The cats were very nosey around people with food so if you’re not used to eating with animals around this probably won’t appeal to you. They put a little umbrella cage thingamajig for your food & drinks on the table which is useful!


It was nice to just see the different cats, a lot of the cats are rescue cats so it was nice to see them content. There are ways to contact the café and adopt certain cats, which from looking on the website it seems as if a lot of cats that once occupied the café have already been adopted. There is a bit of controversy surrounding cat cafés as they are relatively new to the UK however the cats seem well safeguarded here and they have a place to sleep, are well fed and healthy. I imagine it can get quite hectic during busy hours however so I can’t give a full overview but the cats have areas only they can access, which is where I would want to go if there are screaming children around.

Overall I had a really nice experience at the Kitty Cafe, the cats were lovely and the drinks were tasty! Our waitress was also very nice and told us about the different cats and their names, one was called pudding and he was the grumpiest cat about. I would recommend this place if you are a cat lover, which is where its main client base lies anyway! The cost was fair also, you pay £5 per person upon entry which acts as a donation and the drinks cost us around £7. The website for this place is

Have you ever visited a cat café or would you?

My Little Box October – Brooklyn Box ♡

I’ve been getting the My Little Box subscription box for a few months now, my boyfriend gets it me as a little gift each month, and I’ve been impressed with each box. This month was inspired by the urban utopia that is Brooklyn. The box is filled with both lifestyle and beauty gifts and here’s what I got!



The first thing I saw in the box was this little coffee mug, it’s a small enamel mug which are pretty trendy mugs these days although mostly because restaurants in England tend to serve chips in them, fortunately there will only be coffee in this mug. The lettering is gold and so cute, the mug is on the small side but is perfect for a tiny serving of coffee or whatever hot drink floats your boat.


Alongside the mug was this coffee foam stencil which can create a cute little pattern on top of your coffee. I’ve tried to use it but I didn’t get the mechanics right somehow and it just made my coffee look sad, I think with more foam and less powder I will get it right one day!



The next item was these adorable pins which you can add to anything and everything really, the donut one would be super cute on a denim jacket as shown which is good inspiration for me to buy a denim jacket. The two geometric pins I particularly love as they are so cute on shirt collars. I’ve always wanted a pair of collar pins so these will be getting a lot of use. Here they are in action;


My Little Beauty Nail Strengthener Treatment


There’s always an item by the in-house range My Little Beauty and this month’s product was this nail strengthener which as suggests will help aid nail growth and strength. I haven’t used it yet but it’ll definitely perfect for someone like me who has quite brittle nails so it will definitely get some use in the future.

ByTerry Kohl Crayon


I was so excited to finally own a ByTerry product after always looking at the stand longingly in Space.NK. This is a Kohl Crayon in the colour Gold Ornament, it’s soft and applies with great pigmentation. It’s predominantly an eyeliner, gold seems a strange colour for an eyeliner but I’m sure it’ll get it’s use during the christmas season as it’s the perfect festive colour. I’ve used it as an eyeshadow too, it’s harder to blend as it is an eyeliner but with enough blending a nice light layer of gold is achieved and it’s pretty long lasting.

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara 


I’ve never owned a Givenchy product either so I’m excited to use this even though it is a small sample. The brush looks pretty interesting and it looks like a great solid black colour so hopefully it’ll live up to it’s ‘extreme volume’ title once I use it! I really like the packaging too it’s very compact and chic.

Those are all the items I got this month, I’ve really loved this box the pins are probably the highlight for me and I’m sure I’ll get great use out of the beauty products. Have you ever got this subscription box? I used to regularly get Birchbox but I really love the lifestyle products you get in MyLittleBox and the whole Parisian vibe it gives off is lovely.

Thank you for reading! I hope your day is filled with joy and wonderful coffee (unless you hate coffee).



Autumn/Fall beauty essentials ♡

It’s Autumn already which means pumpkin spice lattes sales are at their peak and the weather’s a little bit colder so I thought I’d share some of my beauty essentials for this season.

  1. Darker Lipsticks.


Although I wear burgundy and deep red shades all year round I feel it’s particularly apt in this season. These shades are perfect for this season as they match the clothes and colours that are associated with autumn. My current favourite is the butter lipstick Licorice (sometimes called Moonlit Night) by NYX, as the name suggests it’s a buttery smooth texture, it’s comfortable to wear and has great coverage.

2. Autumnal nail colours.


The colours of autumn are so beautiful, the burgundies, browns and greens are perfect as nail colours. This is my current favourite, it looks quite bright but is actually a nice berry shade. It’s called Maki Me Happy from the Essie Fall 2016 collection inspired by Fall in Japan, it’s such a nice collection i’d recommend you to check it out!

3. Hand Cream


It can get pretty cold and windy here in England this time of year which is why an essential for me is a good hand cream. They say you can tell someone’s age by their hands which is why I make sure my hands don’t look like dry witches hands this season, I don’t want to scare any children. I was gifted this one by Soap & Glory and it’s pretty good and smells divine.

4.Brown eyeshadow.


I always feel a brown smokey eye to be suitable for Autumn which is why I usually get the nice brown shades out this time of year. This is by Kiko Milano and is called ‘Pearly Hot Chocolate’, if that isn’t the cosiest name for an eyeshadow I don’t know what is! It’s such a pretty colour, I find it has a bit of fall out but with a good primer it’s decent for the colour.

5. A good lip balm.


Along with the risk of cracked witches hands there is also the risk of cracked lips from the cold weather so I like to keep them hydrated with a good lip product. I swear by Nuxe’s rêve de miel as it’s so hydrating and potent. I also love the Sugar Fresh lip care and I find even a humble tin of vaseline is pretty great for keeping your lips looking and feeling good.


I’m pretty sure you’ll have similar beauty essentials for this season, do you use any of these products or can you recommend any that are similar?
Thank you for reading, hope you’re having a good evening!

Return to blogging ♡


Long time no see! It’s been over 6 months since I sat and wrote a blog post. I had recently been so busy finishing university and had lost the will to blog, but now I have a lot of free time (yay unemployment!) and a new vision for my blog. I loved writing blog posts but sometimes I felt tied down to writing about beauty in every post, which is why I will be adding more variety to this blog. I will still write about beauty and skincare etc as those things are still passions of mine but I will be adding other passions of mine into the mix.
I may be writing about anything and everything in the future from DIYs to Movie reviews, so if this isn’t your piece of cake I don’t mind the unfollow!

Thank you for reading, I did miss this community and all of your encouraging words so I’m happy to be back!