My Little Box December – Christmas Box ♡

Last week I received this month’s My Little Box and it filled me with so much Christmas cheer that it needs to be shared! The theme for this month was Christmas, as expected, and this month included a nice mix of festive beauty and lifestyle gifts.


The first thing I saw was this cutely packaged candle, I love both candles and cursive writing so this was two gifts in one really! Feu de bois apparently means log/wood fire so this candle smells like a fresh pine forest. I have yet to light it but I love the design.


The next thing I pulled out of the box was this tiny jar of salted caramel spread by Wilkin & Sons. This stuff tastes so good, it’s so sweet though i’m not 100% sure what you’d spread it on? When I see something labelled as a spread I automatically think of it as something you put on toast but I assume this is more fitting for cakes or biscuits. In all honesty it’s so good you could just eat it out of the jar.


Another food/drink item is this pot of tea leaves by Kusmi Tea called Tsarevna. It’s black tea and orange with a mixture of spices such as cardamon, aniseed and cinnamon and it’s quite possibly the most festive smelling thing in existence. Unfortunately I don’t have a tea infuser but maybe santa will be kind enough to get me one and i’ll finally be able to try this.


Another lifestyle gift was this lovely bangle by Lou.Yetu, I always love the jewellery My Little Box pick out with this being no exception. Sadly though this is too big and awkward for my wrist so I’ll probably pass it on to someone else.


Onto the beauty items, firstly is this Almond shower oil by L’Occitane, It’s an oil that foams up when in contact with liquid. I find it to be very moisturising and it smells really good.


The item from My Little Beauty this month is this eye shadow duo, it’s called duo smoky eyes and contains two shades to achieve just that. The colour on the left is called Shimmery Taupe and the one on the right is Deep Chestnut. I really like the taupe colour and it is relatively pigmented as for the chestnut colour I have too many similar shadows. It is however super compact and would be great for those who like to travel light.


The last item is a perfume sample called Hyperbole by Courréges, whenever I hear the word hyperbole i’m transported back to english class! Nostalgia aside this perfume is really nice, it’s a spicy scent with tonka, cacao and vanilla notes. I get perfume every month so I was a bit disappointed to have yet another sample but I actually really like this so it turned out well in the end!

This month’s box was pretty cute and I loved the extra touches like the little candy cane on top of the box. The beauty items weren’t outstandingly amazing but they are things that will come in handy and the lifestyle gifts are great as usual. It has definitely got me into the Christmas mood even though I’m burdened with a common cold drinking Lemsips by the gallon whilst dreaming of all the festive food. This is probably my last post until Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday whatever you may celebrate!

Festive wishes xx



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