Date Night Ideas ♡

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year, with those holidays out of the way the next major holiday is Valentine’s day. In fitting with what is soon to be the most romantic month of the year I decided to share some date night ideas that will hopefully inspire some of you!

Shop for each other.


When you’re in a relationship shopping seems to be a common activity but to mix it up try shopping for your partner. Plan to buy a whole outfit complete with accessories for your other half. It’ll be really interesting to see what they pick out and how well they know your style! Plus you can pick out something you’ve always wanted to see them in. You could do this with movies, books and music too.

Try a cuisine you’ve never tried.


Most people have had Italian food, Chinese food etc but there are so many cuisines I’ll bet you’ve never tried. Whether it’s french food or Indonesian food there’s something you’ll both have never tasted, experiencing a culture through it’s food together is a great memory.

Make something together. 


Making something together is a fun experience, the process is the best part and the end product is just a bonus! You could cook a new meal together, bake a cake, paint something, or do a craft, the possibilities are endless. This can also be a pretty cheap date night idea but a memorable one.

Pick something unexpected. 


Date night jars have been a big thing floating around Pinterest and are such a good idea for those of us who are indecisive! One of the most difficult things about a date night is picking what to do but this way you can write down a bunch of things you want to do, stick them in a jar and pick at random. If you add to it as you go on it’ll be a nice surprise when you pick out something you forgot you wanted to do.

Rent a car and go on a road trip.


Getting in a car and going to a new city, town or village is such a great experience and creates such great moments. An even better way to experience this is to rent a nice car for your trip, you or your partner can drive a car you’ve always dreamed of driving without having to own it! A company that allow you to do this is Turo, it runs mainly in the US but recently launched in London and you can rent any kind of car from a Ford Focus to a Tesla. Get in your dream car, perfect your karaoke playlist and make some memories!

I hope something on this list gave you an idea for a future date and if you’re single a lot of these activities are great for with friends or going solo!

Hope you all have a great day, do you have any interesting date night ideas? I’d love to hear them!