Sephora haul ♡

In my previous post I wrote about my trip to Paris, during that trip I did what any Sephora deprived Brit would and do spent too much time browsing the shelves of the store. I went in to buy primarily stuff from the Sephora line and I did just that, here’s what I got;

Sephora Avocado & Pearl Face Mask 


I see Sephora face masks online all the time so I had to get some, I went for the repairing Avocado and brightening Pearl which are two things I need right now! I can’t wait to use these especially since I’ve never used a sheet mask with these ingredients in.

Avocado Sleeping Mask & Charcoal Nose Strip


My skin has been terrible lately so I got an avocado sleeping mask, I’ve used sleep masks before and they weren’t revolutionary but hopefully this one will be! I also got a charcoal nose strip because pore strips are always necessary once in a while and are oddly satisfying…

Charcoal Micellar Water


For some reason I am drawn to charcoal products recently, maybe because of the detoxifying qualities or because it’s just something relatively new/strange. This is basically micellar water with a bit of charcoal in it to add some purifying qualities. I have used this once and it was similar to a normal micellar water, it dried out my skin a little bit but only time will tell if it does any good in the long run.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Burnt Sienna 


I’d heard so many rave reviews about the cream lip stains by Sephora so I needed to get one (or two). The first shade I picked up was Burnt Sienna, I was immediately drawn to this shade, it’s a purple toned colour which is not something I usually wear boldly but I am looking forward to wearing it.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Copper Blush 


The second lip stain I got is a pinky brown colour, it’s very similar to MAC’s Whirl which is a shade I like to wear often. I’ve worn this once since getting it, it’s very long lasting and the stain does last. It can be drying after a while but that’s kind of expected with cream lip products.


Last but not least I picked up this cute little lip balm, I originally put it back on the shelf because I was worried about spending too much money but my boyfriend sneakily put it back in the basket and got it for me. I am lucky girl. I got this because it’s nice and compact and easy to throw in your bag without worrying about mess. It’s handy and there is always a need for lip balm!

I expected there to be more exclusive brands in Sephora but it’s the same brands you can get in the UK which is why I only brought from the Sephora line. I am looking forward to trying out all of the skincare bits I got but hopefully I don’t get too addicted to Sephora skincare because it’ll be a while before I visit another one!

Have you tried any of these products? Are there any makeup brands you wish were in your country?


5 thoughts on “Sephora haul ♡

  1. I’ve been DYING to go to Sephora omg!!! I love Tati on Youtube and she always always always talks about new products she finds in Sephora and I’m immediately annoyed that we don’t yet have one in the UK – hopefully one day! I’m immediately drawn to the charcoal cleansing water – it has so many good qualities for the skin and I’m a total skincare junkie.
    Elen x


    1. The troubles of us UK folk haha I’m sure we’ll get them one day. I love her expensive makeup segments! I think the American Sephoras have a lot more variety but maybe that’s just the one I visited. I am eager to try out more charcoal stuff it is really good for the skin! Xx

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