My Favourite Perfumes ♡

One of my favourite compliments is ‘you smell nice’ which is why I am such a perfume fan, I love the smell, the packaging and the act of putting perfume on. I also find myself reaching for different scents for different occasions so I thought i’d write about my favourite perfumes and the moods that match them!

Vanillary – LUSH


As suggested by the name this is a vanilla based scent with patchouli and jasmine added in the mix. It’s a nice sweet smell and I find this smells better after wearing for an hour or two, it smells like a vanilla cake so what’s not to love!? I would wear this on a sunny optimistic day.

Flash by Jimmy Choo 


This perfume was love at first sight back when I got it in 2014 (it’s a different bottle), I’m bad at describing scents but i’d say this one is fresh and fruity. I wear this as an everyday scent, if I had to wear one perfume for the rest of my life this would be it!

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne  


This is quite a sweet scent but in a more elegant way, it’s a more fancy than everyday smell so i’d wear it maybe to a restaurant or a pub. This also sticks around pretty much all day, it’s so long lasting!

Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo


Another perfume I love by Jimmy Choo, this one is spicier and a bit more grown up with more patchouli and caramel scents. I also wear this as an everyday scent, it’s the bottle I go for if i’m feeling pretty neutral.

Decadence by Marc Jacobs


This is definitely the most ‘seductive’ perfume I own, from the plum tones to the amazing bottle. I’d definitely wear this on a night out or a date night it’s such an elegant scent.

Scent of a Dream – Charlotte Tilbury 


This is my most recent perfume, as soon as I sampled it I put it on my birthday wish-list and I’m so happy to own it! This debut scent is perfect, it’s sweet and spicy all in one and the scent gets better with time. I love the way this lasts and the bottle is so beautiful.

Do you like any of these perfumes, if not what is your signature scent? Thanks for reading!