Charity Shop Finds of the Month ♡

This weekend I visited the peak district with my boyfriend, we stopped off in Buxton on our journey back and visited a few charity shops. I picked up two things which I was lucky to find, one of which is actually a massive bargain!

21037677_10154793148982371_1573955051_o copy

Price: £6

My first find was this adorable collared tea dress. I loved the pattern and cut of the dress and luckily it was in my size. I love the button detail on the chest and the quality of the dress is amazing as if it has never been worn. I think this was originally from Marks & Spencers from what I gather from the tag. This dress will go perfectly with a leather jacket and some ankle boots and I can’t wait to wear it!

21034924_10154793149192371_2013672885_o copy

Price: £4.50

My second purchase was this mustard sweater with the french phrase ‘pas normal’ emblazoned on it. I loved the colour of this jumper (which is a bit brighter in person) along with the navy lettering. There seems to be a sudden trend here in the UK of french phrases on clothes and i’m all for it! I googled this jumper later out of curiosity and I found that it was sold for around £75 – £140 on various sites but is mostly sold out now. I’m assuming it had a surge of popularity in the past and I was very chuffed that I brought it for a mere fraction of it’s original price.

That’s all I got and both of these items were from Mind charity shop. I do find some gems at charity shops quite often and I will probably make more posts in the future when I find more! What is your greatest charity/thrift store find? I’d love to hear it!



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