Trip to Paris ♡

Last week I went to Paris with my boyfriend as a belated valentines/anniversary gift. It marked our first holiday together and we had so much fun I thought I’d do a quick write up  about the trip.

Day 1 // Wandering 

We got to Paris in the afternoon and as soon as we got to our hotel we were amazed, we found a good deal on a travel website so got a 5 star hotel for a decent price. We stayed at the Hotel Banke, the lobby was stunning, our room was nice and the service is so good I would definitely recommend it!


After a break we wondered around to get something to eat. We found a nice little restaurant near our hotel and had some good food and cocktails. We strolled around the Opera district and around the Louvre area until we reached the river Seine and then stopped for a cocktail at a bar. I had a drink called ‘La Vie en rose’ as we sat outside and watched some street dancers, it was Friday and the atmosphere was so good.


Day 2 // Louvre & Arc de Triomphe

We awoke to British weather, the rain was non stop on our second day so we thought the best way to spend the day would be indoors at the Louvre. Everyone else had the same idea however so we were waiting in the rain for around an hour but the wait was worth it. There’s so much to see at the Louvre, not only in the art but also in the building itself,  looking up at the ceilings is a spectacle. We saw the Mona Lisa and it was pretty surreal, the contrast of people clambering to see the painting and her calm expression was crazy.


We later took a scary but fun rickshaw to the champs-élysées area to see the Arc de Triomphe. It is an amazing monument and the view from the top is spectacular, and you get to see the chaotic roundabout below. We spent the rest of the day walking and shopping then getting room service because we were too exhausted to venture out again.


Day 3 // Eiffel Tower

On the third day we did the most touristy thing possible in France and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t looking forward to the queues and waiting but due to the rain we missed the queues and it too no time for us to get to the observation decks. The view is amazing and the tower itself is bigger and more intricate than I expected. This is not the best place for someone with a fear of heights but once you get to the top the views are unforgettable.


We stopped at a cute cafe for coffee and Beef Bourguignon then the rest of the day was a write off due to me getting a bad migraine. Once I felt better at around 10 o’clock we did wander around the Opera district which was eerily quiet.

Day 4 // Disneyland & Montmartre 


Disneyland! We went to Disneyland on our penultimate day and it was much better than I expected it to be. I do love Disney films, more specifically the films I watched as a kid such as Lion King, Lady & the Tramp, Beauty & the Beast etc but I wouldn’t class myself as a super fan. That being said I felt like a kid again, it’s a well kept place and the rides and attractions are very nostalgic. We went to both the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios but I much prefer Disneyland. Again we only had to wait around 5-10 minutes for each ride due to the weather.

After a long and exciting day at Disneyland we took an uber to Montmartre which was pretty quiet and has the best night time views. We didn’t stay here too long as we were tired and needed to pack but you could literally spend all day watching the city. thumb_IMG_0115_1024

Day 5 // Shopping 

Our flight was in the afternoon so we spent the last day shopping aka I spent a lot of time debating what to buy in Sephora. We also visited the Galleries Lafayette which is an amazing department store with lots of designer things to fawn over. After that we went to the airport and returned to equally rainy England.

I loved my time in Paris, people come away with different perspectives of the city but it is laden with so much history and culture that I loved it. Below is a little video I made compiled of clips from my iPhone.

Have you ever been to Paris? Or would you like to?




Date Night Ideas ♡

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year, with those holidays out of the way the next major holiday is Valentine’s day. In fitting with what is soon to be the most romantic month of the year I decided to share some date night ideas that will hopefully inspire some of you!

Shop for each other.


When you’re in a relationship shopping seems to be a common activity but to mix it up try shopping for your partner. Plan to buy a whole outfit complete with accessories for your other half. It’ll be really interesting to see what they pick out and how well they know your style! Plus you can pick out something you’ve always wanted to see them in. You could do this with movies, books and music too.

Try a cuisine you’ve never tried.


Most people have had Italian food, Chinese food etc but there are so many cuisines I’ll bet you’ve never tried. Whether it’s french food or Indonesian food there’s something you’ll both have never tasted, experiencing a culture through it’s food together is a great memory.

Make something together. 


Making something together is a fun experience, the process is the best part and the end product is just a bonus! You could cook a new meal together, bake a cake, paint something, or do a craft, the possibilities are endless. This can also be a pretty cheap date night idea but a memorable one.

Pick something unexpected. 


Date night jars have been a big thing floating around Pinterest and are such a good idea for those of us who are indecisive! One of the most difficult things about a date night is picking what to do but this way you can write down a bunch of things you want to do, stick them in a jar and pick at random. If you add to it as you go on it’ll be a nice surprise when you pick out something you forgot you wanted to do.

Rent a car and go on a road trip.


Getting in a car and going to a new city, town or village is such a great experience and creates such great moments. An even better way to experience this is to rent a nice car for your trip, you or your partner can drive a car you’ve always dreamed of driving without having to own it! A company that allow you to do this is Turo, it runs mainly in the US but recently launched in London and you can rent any kind of car from a Ford Focus to a Tesla. Get in your dream car, perfect your karaoke playlist and make some memories!

I hope something on this list gave you an idea for a future date and if you’re single a lot of these activities are great for with friends or going solo!

Hope you all have a great day, do you have any interesting date night ideas? I’d love to hear them!


My Little Box December – Christmas Box ♡

Last week I received this month’s My Little Box and it filled me with so much Christmas cheer that it needs to be shared! The theme for this month was Christmas, as expected, and this month included a nice mix of festive beauty and lifestyle gifts.


The first thing I saw was this cutely packaged candle, I love both candles and cursive writing so this was two gifts in one really! Feu de bois apparently means log/wood fire so this candle smells like a fresh pine forest. I have yet to light it but I love the design.


The next thing I pulled out of the box was this tiny jar of salted caramel spread by Wilkin & Sons. This stuff tastes so good, it’s so sweet though i’m not 100% sure what you’d spread it on? When I see something labelled as a spread I automatically think of it as something you put on toast but I assume this is more fitting for cakes or biscuits. In all honesty it’s so good you could just eat it out of the jar.


Another food/drink item is this pot of tea leaves by Kusmi Tea called Tsarevna. It’s black tea and orange with a mixture of spices such as cardamon, aniseed and cinnamon and it’s quite possibly the most festive smelling thing in existence. Unfortunately I don’t have a tea infuser but maybe santa will be kind enough to get me one and i’ll finally be able to try this.


Another lifestyle gift was this lovely bangle by Lou.Yetu, I always love the jewellery My Little Box pick out with this being no exception. Sadly though this is too big and awkward for my wrist so I’ll probably pass it on to someone else.


Onto the beauty items, firstly is this Almond shower oil by L’Occitane, It’s an oil that foams up when in contact with liquid. I find it to be very moisturising and it smells really good.


The item from My Little Beauty this month is this eye shadow duo, it’s called duo smoky eyes and contains two shades to achieve just that. The colour on the left is called Shimmery Taupe and the one on the right is Deep Chestnut. I really like the taupe colour and it is relatively pigmented as for the chestnut colour I have too many similar shadows. It is however super compact and would be great for those who like to travel light.


The last item is a perfume sample called Hyperbole by Courréges, whenever I hear the word hyperbole i’m transported back to english class! Nostalgia aside this perfume is really nice, it’s a spicy scent with tonka, cacao and vanilla notes. I get perfume every month so I was a bit disappointed to have yet another sample but I actually really like this so it turned out well in the end!

This month’s box was pretty cute and I loved the extra touches like the little candy cane on top of the box. The beauty items weren’t outstandingly amazing but they are things that will come in handy and the lifestyle gifts are great as usual. It has definitely got me into the Christmas mood even though I’m burdened with a common cold drinking Lemsips by the gallon whilst dreaming of all the festive food. This is probably my last post until Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday whatever you may celebrate!

Festive wishes xx


Christmas Party Beauty Essentials ♡

Christmas is so close! Christmas party season is at it’s peak, whether it’s an office party or just a gathering of friends everybody loves dressing up and putting on their best make up. My christmas party was two weeks ago but I thought i’d share the things I loved wearing.

Festive Nail Polish 


Christmas is a generally sparkly time of year so it’s only fitting to deck your nails with sparkly polish for a christmas party. I love having a plain polish on all the fingers then having a sparkly colour on the middle finger, my favourite combination being Essie’s Maki Me Happy and this unnamed green colour by W7. The other polish is called Stardust by Avon and looks amazing with my all time favourite Essie shade Fiji.

Shimmery Eye Liners


Another essential is shimmery eye liners, Christmas is also the perfect time to have glitter everywhere which is why a shimmery eyeliner is perfect for this time. I love applying one of these shades on my waterline to add a tiny festive touch. The shades from top to bottom are Gold Ornament by ByTerry, Tetra by Stila & Lionfish by Stila.

Red Lips


Red is the official colour of Christmas, although Coca Cola are apparently to blame for that it’s still the perfect colour to wear on your lips. These particular products are perfect for christmas parties because they have great staying power, they are MAC’s Russian Red, Rimmel’s Kate Matte in 111 and my all time favourite the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. The lip liner is Rimmel’s Exaggerate in red, it has a great formula and a reasonable price!



Fitting in with the sparkly theme the last essential for me is lots of highlighter. I don’t wear highlighters that often which is why I love to go all out on special occasions and now is the best time for your cheeks to shine like christmas baubles! My favourites of the few I own are Mary Lou-Manizer by theBalm and Highbeam by Benefit.

This was my finished look for the christmas party I attended, it was held at an exhibition centre and there were fair ground rides and a waterfall at the bar!


Have you attended a christmas party yet or do you prefer to celebrate the chilled out way with hot chocolate and ELF? Hope you’re all having a great day!

Autumn/Winter Shoe Favourites ♡

Last month I posted about my favourite fashion items for Autumn but I thought i’d elaborate and write about my favourite types of shoes to wear around this time of year.

Ankle Boots 


When I think of footwear for this time of year I instantly think of ankle boots, they look good with jeans, skirts and dresses which makes them so versatile. I love this pair from the Truffle collection at ASOS, the cut out detail is a nice added touch and they are pretty comfortable!

Lace Up Boots


Along the theme of boots is another favourite of mine, I think lace up boots look good on everyone and look great with so many things. They also remind me of my favourite Van Gogh painting, strange but true fact. I like this pair because they add a bit of needed height without the pain of a super high heel. These are from Office and if I could I’d have a pair in every colour!

Chunky Heels


This is a less practical choice but I’ve seen so many shoes with sloped chunky heels and they are a new favourite of mine. I’m a wimp when it comes to heels so i’m glad the trend of block heels is upon us, they are much more comfortable! I love these ones from New Look as the heels aren’t especially high and from looking back through this post it’s apparent I have a penchant for suede shoes!

Leather / Faux Leather Boots 


Leather / Faux boots are a great material for boots, they’re easier to clean than and maintain their look better than suede (as much as I love suede). This pair aren’t the prettiest but they are super comfy and the colour makes a change from my usual safe black footwear, they are from  Forever 21.

If you’re also a fan of Leather or Faux Leather boots King Ranch shared this graphic detailing some boot care tips that are pretty helpful. They specialise in boots for men and women among other things and they have cute riding boots in their women’s section worth checking out!


Thank you for reading, what’s your go-to pair of shoes for this time of year? (fuzzy slippers included) I hope you all have a great day 🙂

Kawaii Haul – Japanese Stationery, Plushes & Snacks ♡

Last Sunday I went to the Birmingham Comic Con with my family and boyfriend, I’ve been going for years and while I’m not drawn to any particular fandoms anymore I love going to the stalls lined with cute Japanese stationery and toys. I have always loved collecting cute things, I love to adorn my planner with characters such as Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and Molang. I also love trying the sometimes weird and wonderful sweets that Japan has to offer so I divulged in these loves last weekend, as an early christmas present my boyfriend purchased two mystery bags from two stalls and these were the random items in them.

Amuse Plushes


Amuse are best known for their Alpacasso plushes, I already have one large alpaca, which was actually a drunk purchase (no regrets), but I wanted to add two smaller ones to my collection! The Alpaca on the left is from Kirarin Star collection and the one on the right is from the Furi Furi Frilly collection, which sounds like some kind of Japanese tongue twister!


The other plushes I got in my mystery bags I had never heard of before but are made by the same company as the Alpacas. The largest plush is the Pote Usa Loppy bunny plush, like the Alpacasso range they come in different sizes, colours and themes. This particular one is from the Sugar V.2 collection and it’s so adorable. For some reason I feel like this would be great as a present for a baby, maybe it reminds me of something I had as a child or it’s just the sweetness of it. The second largest plush is from the Momonga no Momota (yet another tongue twister) flying squirrel collection, who knew flying squirrels could be so cute and friendly looking? For some reason a flying squirrel looks terrifying to me, just looking at them on google creeps me out a bit but maybe this plush will change my mind about them! The last plush is a cat from the Nyanko collection, it’s a simple cute cat with no terrifying flying qualities to it!


I also got two very small phone charm plushes, the right being a Tsum Tsum Alpacasso and the left I can’t find online but I think it’s from the Mameshiba collection. Phone charms aren’t really a thing anymore, much to my dismay, so i’ll probably put these on my keys though they do double up as pretty good phone screen cleaners!



I got a few stationery bits in my mystery bags and I also brought a few things. I purchased the Totoro pen and the Pink Bean stickers, both for the purpose of planning. The Totoro pen is a nice thin black ink pen which is prefect for planning and the Pink Bean stickers are so cute and each have a little theme, again perfect for planning! The Hello kitty stickers and Gudetama items were from a mystery bag. I love the Gudetama stuff, the stickers will be perfect for my laptop cover and the hair accessories are just plain cute!



The thing I definitely got the most of is food! Some of these foods i’ve tried before such as the green tea Kit kat and the apple Hi Chews so I’m happy to have these again, I’m also curious to try a lot of these snacks, the pumpkin Kit Kat and blueberry snack in particular. I love the packaging of Japanese snacks and I’m definitely stocked up on the snack front! If there’s anything in particular you want to know the name of I can find it out, I have a very vague grasp of Japanese, I studied it for GCSE but that was a good 6 years ago!

The shops that these items are from are Tofu Cute, LoveJojo & Japan Centre, all of which I believe sell online and are based in the UK. Thank you for reading, I hope you are having a great day!

TKMaxx Korean Beauty Finds ♡

For a few months now I have noticed a lot of Korean beauty products in TKMaxx, i’ve seen brands such as Etude House, Innisfree, Tony Moly and The Face Shop being sold but only recently found a few things I’ve desperately wanted to buy. I love Korean beauty products, they’re always so innovative, Korea has given us wonders such as sheet masks and BB creams which is why I’m such a fan of K-beauty! When I saw the packaging of these two products I knew I had to buy them, I’m a sucker for cute packaging which is another reason why I love these brands.

kbeaut3CC Ultra Moist Cushion – The Face Shop

The first product I saw was this CC cream in the form of a cushion by The Face Shop, it’s in the shade Apricot Beige which is a perfect fit for me. I had never used a cushion compact before, I have seen them adapted in the UK by L’oreal with their Nude Magique Cushion but I’m still quite new to them. I find it pretty amazing how much product you can get on the puff applicator and it makes touching up super convenient.


The Face Shop do a variety of CC cushions but this one is the ‘Ultra Moist’ (you couldn’t use that name in the UK) version, which means it’s pretty moisturising! After wearing this for a whole day my skin doesn’t feel dried out or tired which is great, I barely feel like i’m wearing it. The moisturising effects are due to the Calendula, Rosemary Leaf and Lavender extracts. Another great thing about this is it’s super high SPF, at SPF 50 it’s pretty great for the skin! The coverage is light-medium, it covers blemishes pretty well but is not a strong base, it’s perfect for everyday use or for someone looking for a light base.
I also love the packaging, which is possibly the main reason I purchased it, this compact is adorable, even the puff applicator has tiny cats on it, tiny cats! After buying it I realised it was part of the special edition Kakao friends release, which explains the cat character, there are other versions with other Kakao (an instant messaging service) characters on.

kbeaut5 Etude House MISSING U Hand Cream – Pink Dolphin

The second purchase was a hand cream by Etude House, Etude House always have super cute packaging and this hand cream is included, but it also has a really nice message behind it. The series of hand creams are shaped like endangered animals such as pandas, seals, penguins and this one which is a dolphin (though I think it looks like a duck). The aim of these creams is to remind people of endangered animals and some of the product profit is donated to animal conservation charities. I feel kind of bad that I didn’t buy this directly from the company as it would be nice to have given to such a cause!


As for the actual product it serves well as a hand cream, it contains olive oil and shea butter to keep hands moisturised and the scent of it is Peony. A main selling point for this is the packaging, it’s a good hand cream but the packaging is the reason I purchased it! I don’t think it’s very convenient for on the go as the packaging can be awkward to hold and apply at the same time but I will definitely keep this on my desk as a cute moisturising companion.

I will definitely be looking around for more Korean beauty products in TKMaxx as you never know what you can find there, I never thought i’d find such random brands but I’m happy I did! Do you like Korean beauty products? Do you like any of these brands? A little known fact about me is that I used to love Kpop Music when I was younger so I know all about these brands from my old love for idols!

Thank you for reading 🙂